Category: Videos

Our experienced team of broadcast television filmmakers can create stunning videos to promote a new ride, produce engaging corporate and training videos, or put together a B Roll package to make available to broadcasters.

Videos are shot and edited in 4K UHD using a combination of cameras, including; aerial drones, Panasonic DVX200 broadcast use cameras, GoPros, and a 360 degree camera rig. The 360 degree camera rig allows the filming of 360 VR videos.

360 VR videos can be viewed on a VR headset such as Google Cardboard or Gear VR (the Samsung VR system) so that the viewer can experience what the ride feels like from the train itself. Your audience will be able to look around as though they are “riding” the coaster. If no headsets are available, the 360 VR videos can still be watched on a smartphone or tablet, with its motion matching the position of the screen. Social media sites Facebook and YouTube are heavily pushing 360°, with Facebook weighting targeting of such videos.