About Us

Ride and Park Media specialise in the visual documentation of rides, theme parks and tourist attractions, creating dynamic marketing material for the digital world.

We offer end to end production, creating attention-grabbing videos and photographs, state of the art 360 degree VR videos, B Roll for the mass media, engaging training & corporate videos and powerful marketing material design. Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve your vision at a price you’ll like.

The team at Ride and Park Media have over 30 years combined experience in safely filming and photographing rides and parks across the world for an ever growing list of clients.

Contact the talented team of digital creatives at Ride and Park Media to discuss how we can rev up your marketing through us forging your next generation of visual documentation

About the collaborative team

Justin (Garvanovic) has been involved within the amusement industry since 1988, when he co-founded the Roller Coaster of Club of Great Britain, and then founded the European Coaster Club in 1996.

He has been taking amusement park photos for all that time, and in the last 15 years has been supplying them to various ride companies including Vekoma, Martin & Vleminckx Rides, B&M, Gerstlauer, Intamin, Chance, Great Coasters International, The Gravity Group, WhiteWater, Maurer, Morgan, Pinfari, Stengel Engineering and Zierer. His photographs have also appeared in newspapers and magazines globally.

Marcus (Gaines) has over 15 years experience as a cameraman and editor working for the UK’s two largest broadcasters, the BBC and ITV.

Marcus’s passion for the amusement industry has lead to him producing, filming and editing a large number of TV news reports and long form documentaries on the subject. An item on the amusement industry lead to a nomination for a Royal Television Society award for features editor.

Marcus has been following roller coasters for over 25 years. He regularly writes for industry and enthusiast magazines. Understanding what you need and how best to translate it into stimulating and interesting videos he has produced a wide range of films for the amusement industry.